Deliver your research to your readers and aggregators

ResearchTech provides RIXML standards-compliant software for research. We deliver your research to your readers and to aggregators while leveraging technology to the fullest extent.

Research providers look to ResearchTech when they

Seek to stand out

Offering a brilliant customer experience to their readers gives a competitive advantage.

Need to improve presentation

Frustrated with the ability of their systems to present their research well to their customers.

Need better systems

Facing technical issues when authoring, tagging, and sending their research to aggregators.

Industry tools

To add value to the industry, we provide these tools completely free of charge.
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When sending RIXML, you need to check that the files you are sending are correct. If you do not, the receiving party may not be able to use them.

This tool tells you where your research or interaction files are not adhering to the RIXML standard.

Supported versions

ResearchTech works differently

Focus on customer experience

We are laser focussed on the experience our software provides both to you and your clients.

Understand your goals

We work with you to fully understand the goals and interests of your own customers, enabling us to present your work at its best.

Use latest proven technology

We are continually searching for ways to make the latest proven technology work for you, to keep you ahead of the curve in the industry

Adherence to standards

We adopt industry standards carefully to provide you with greater value and time saving.

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